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Episcopal Church of the Saviour
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About Us

The Church of the Saviour, Clermont, Iowa, is one of three Episcopal churches built as a memorial to the two children of Mrs.  Frances Dyer Vinton of Providence, Rhode Island.  The other two churches were built in Providence, and in San Gabriel, California.  Clermont was chosen because it was thought to be about the geographical center of the United States.  This would be in keeping with the biblical verse, "Thy praise shall ring from shore to shore."

The church was erected in 1867 and was consecrated by Bishop Lee on December 16, 1870.  The altar and cross were gifts from Trinity Church Guild, Middletown, Connecticut, in recognition of the work of Mrs.  William Larrabee, Jr., wife of the one time governor of Iowa, a member of that group before her marriage.

Church of the Saviour is built of native stone quarried from the Williams quarry east of Clermont.  In 1930 a new life-time slate roof replaced the cedar shingles which were put on in 1903.  The hanging lamps were wired for electricity.

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